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Surveys & Supercargo activities

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Condition Surveys

Condition survey of vessels and equipment is a statement of fact report and represents the status of an asset at a particular time.
Lab Cosulich Consultants team of experts has vast experience in providing accurate condition survey reports both unilaterally or jointly. Receive accurate condition surveys is an essential information for owners, insurers and charterers of vessels so that all parties may assess the vessel’s general conditions at all times whether it is an On/Off hire survey or a suitability survey for special projects.
Lab Cosulich Consultants is a well-established, independent and impartial company in this field, often entrusted to act on behalf of both parties (Owner and Charterer).

Fuel and Liquid cargoes

During bunkering and cargo loading/discharging operations the appointed surveyor is entrusted with performing various activities in connection which, if not properly performed, can lead to various issues such as unrecoverable quality and quantity damages.
Our professional, highly qualified marine surveyors will perform accurate quantity determinations, coordinate samplings procedures and witness/perform the relative testing protocols.
The above mentioned operations are all crucial activities which have as ultimate goal to avoid loss of fuel as well as engine damages by certifying the quantity and the quality of the fuel received.
Even more importantly, the surveyor's activities increase the reliability of the bunkering operation and provide an important support in case of both quantity claims by reducing the risk of cappuccino bunkering and quality claims by ensuring the reliability of the samples. A non-representative sample will result in wrong testing results which may affect the performance of the vessel to the extent of heavily damaging its engine.

Dry cargoes - Quality and quantity surveys

Our chemists and marine surveyors are well regarded experts in the marine industry with regards to all aspects related to quantity and quality services for dry cargoes.
Lab Cosulich Consultants chemists provide reliable draft surveys at loading and discharging port, fully representative sampling operations for virtually all categories of dry cargoes, from grain to coal, from alumina to wood pellets and many others.
Our experts will guide you step-by-step during the pre-loading, clearly indicating the necessary documentation as well as cargo conditions for a safe loading, carriage and discharge of that particular cargo.
Our chemists are often asked to flight all over the globe to participate in joint inspections of the vessel cargo holds along with the surveyor appointed by our client’s counterparty. In case of dispute we will assure that our client’s interests are protected at all times by collecting all the relevant evidences to be produced in court at a later stage if needed.
Our service comprehend enhanced remote assistance to our clients in order to handle any cargo quality issues that may arise during navigation. As an example we are often asked to monitor the daily gas log collected during coal transportation. Our chemists will provide daily guidance on gas data interpretation and report possible latent risks which may result in meaningful hazard for the crew and the ship.

Bunker - Quality and Quantity surveys

Bunkering is a routinary but delicate operation that can lead to substantial economical damages if not properly handled during the stemming. Lab Cosulich Consultants chemists and marine surveyors have extensive experience in performing bunker surveys and sampling operations.
Our experts will board the vessel increasing the reliability of the bunkering operation and providing an important support in case of both quantity and or quality claims by reducing the risk of supply shortage and the so called “cappuccino” bunkering as well as ensuring the reliability of the samples taken.
A non-representative sample will result in wrong testing results which may affect the performance of the vessel to the extent of causing heavy damages to the engine.
Our petroleum chemists are often asked to interpret the analyses report of the bunker samples in relation to ISO 8217 standards as well as of more in depth analytical testing as FTIR tests for the detection of uncommon contaminants which would not be highlighted by standard ISO 8217 analyses.

Cargo Tanks/Holds cleaning - Suitability to load assessment

During cargo tanks/holds suitability to load assessment, our chemists bring to the table their in depth knowledge of the chemical composition of a vast number of different cargoes. Our experts are often asked to travel all over the world to perform tanks and holds cleanliness inspection to load any kind of petroleum and chemical cargoes as well as any dry cargo mentioned in the IMSBC Code. Lab Cosulich Consultants experts will ensure that the ship can and does meet all the governing charter party’s conditions regarding cargo quality and considering all relevant factors such as their coating condition, the presence and amount of previous cargoes residues and their possible chemical reactions with the next cargoes to be loaded.

IMSBC Code compliance assessment: Cargo and documentation

Dry cargoes in bulk are transported by sea under the strict mandatory compliance of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (“IMSBC Code”). More than 300 dry cargoes are listed within the IMSBC code and each of them carries its own peculiar risks and handling precautions which the Shipowner, the shipper and the Master have to strictly comply with.
Our Chemists and Marine surveyors are frequently asked by Shippers and Shipowners to advise them on the compliance of the pre-loading documentation to the IMSBC Code, as well as to fly to the loading port to make sure that the sampling procedures are strictly in accordance to the Code rules as well as that the tests carried on the cargo are reliable.
During the past 60 years, Lab Cosulich Consultants have advised its clients on several thousands of loadings, transportation and discharging of dry cargoes shipments. Grain, Coal and minerals ore cargoes represent the vast majority of the cases where our Clients seek our advise and expertise.
Our chemists are expert gas measurers; very often we are asked to board the vessels around the world to provide reliable measurements of the gasses accumulating inside the cargo holds. Accurate gas measurements is in fact the first step in identifying the issue and designing a suitable gas management strategy to minimize the risks of fire and/or explosions on board.

Dry and Liquid cargo sampling services

Being able to rely on accurate and representative samples is a paramount condition in protecting your interests in case of future dispute or simply in making informed decisions based on actual facts. Our chemists and marine surveyors are experts in advising and implement best practices for sampling procedures depending on each particular cargo, dry or liquid, in bulk.
ISO methods accurately highlight several details in relation to sampling procedure. Particulars such as which sampling containers are deemed to be suitable depending on which cargo needs to be sampled, minimum samples volume and correct sealing procedure are of paramount importance during these operations.
Lab Cosulich Consultants routinely act at loading and discharging port ensuring that all samples are drawn to the highest standards and in compliance with all the relevant international regulations.